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Which is better...TSA, GE, OR CLEAR by Frugal Chick Ali

For my Traveler FAM..
Do you EVER get frustrated waiting in long security and int'l entry lines at the airport???  So you watch you friends leave you and go to shorter lines or areas to get through security. They aren't taking stuff out of their bags, not taking shoes and belts and laces and eyelashes off.. You know what I mean.. Like you almost disrobe to go through security and I understand that some is for safety measures.. But imagine 100, 200, 500 ppl in line doing the same thing .  Imagine this...... getting to the airport 2-3 hrs early for your international flight.. You are all good.. Or so you think...It's peak travel season and school is out sooo... Didn't think about that...OH MY GOSH! there is a travel group and strollers and massive taped boxes and luggage galore.  That 2-3 hours dwindles and dwindles.. Then after you check in you go to security.. But you can't even see security cuz the lines are so long 🤪. I mean like amusement park line long.  Shoul…

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